The Tao of Life at Work

The Tao of Life at Work  by Steve Krause

Steve Krause, peak performance specialist and martial arts Guru teaches a blend of Eastern philosophy and Western science in his Tao workshops which have been created to unleash your potential to maximise your performance. Steve teaches how to channel your inner Tao master to be less stressed and more effective and successful at work and in life.

When your best no longer seems good enough… When it feels like it’s all too much… When your energy is low and you feel there’s nowhere to go… You’re getting stressed… It’s time to combat stress at work!

It’s time to re-channel your energy, rediscover your inner Tao Master and unleash the principles of being more effective and productive with the Tao of life at work.

The pace of life is becoming just too hectic for most people. Stress levels are at an all time high and there’s never been a greater need for people to find a balance between work and personal life to avoid impending personal disaster. The struggle between dealing with financial pressures, time management, work-family balance and low self-esteem are draining our vital energy levels and affecting our vibrancy, creativity, effectiveness and, most importantly, our health.

Stress has been irrevocably proven to have serious health implications. Absenteeism through stress related health issues has sky-rocketed since the start of the recession.

Just imagine how detrimental stress at work must be when it comes to affecting productivity!

Recent government statistics state that presenteeism is on the increase and contributing to absenteeism due to sickness. Presenteeism is the psychological term for people who come to work feeling sick or under-par and are underperforming and unproductive due to dissipated concentration levels. Few companies are recognising the potential effects this is likely to have concerning staff stress leading to health issues and long term absenteeism.

Just imagine the impact this could have on Health and Safety issues!

When you have a workforce of people who work in fear of losing their job or find it difficult to visualise future prospects; when daily they are faced with a plethora of tension and situations that increases anxiety levels, irritation from co-workers, endless demands of their attention, time pressures, projects, meetings, messages and overwhelm in every department. Is it any wonder they lack motivation?

The actual work itself isn’t creating the stress – you go into the job prepared to work hard for a decent living. You are trained to perform a certain way, to create a specific result and to be a part of a team. Its all the pressure you give yourself through your diminished focus and the way you react to everything that is going on around you… it’s the way you handle, or don’t handle the work and the people you encounter at work that creates the problems… you anticipate that things could and should be different, but don’t know how to change, so you hang on to the assumed norm.

And that’s a major part of the problem. When you hold onto the idea that you can and should do everything, and if you don’t the world in which you live and work will collapse; when you don’t know how to change so you accept the outcome you expect as the norm; you continue to go through the motions of coming to work feeling you are going nowhere, going home at the end of the day frustrated for having accomplished nothing seemingly worthwhile… So what’s the answer?

The solution is really quite simple… It’s letting go of the limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

Before you can ‘let go” first you have to become aware that a problem exists in the first place.

 This awareness or mindfulness is how you can combat stress at work, also known as The Tao. 

It’s when you can bring your mind, body and environment into harmony and make them work as one. It’s all the little things you say and do, day in and day out, that all add up and make a difference to the way you ultimately think, act and behave. This greatly affects your health, vitality and vibrancy as well as your self-esteem, awareness and productivity.

Letting go of the limiting beliefs that are keeping you in the negative downward spiral of hopelessness isn’t always easy, it takes practice and persistence to adopt new success habits.

The Tao of life at Work is a progressive learning process that helps you to re-focus on creating results. When this state of mindfulness is present you can perform effectively and productively under pressure but without the anger, frustration and stress. Work becomes challenging and goals become achievable once again!

The Tao of life at Work

  1. Limiting beliefs.  What’s the glum in your flow? What’s holding you back from getting up every new day with the attitude that today you are going to make a difference? Life is an adventure and you deserve to live a life well lived, starting now in the next heartbeat!  What kind of person do you want to be?  What’s your mission at work and how can you contribute?  What are the benefits you will gain by doing those things well?…What are the consequences if you don’t?   Now you have choices to make! You have positive beliefs that can take the place of limiting beliefs.
  1. Focus on Success. There is no other way. Before anyone can change the results they’re creating they have to change what they’re focusing on. Most people don’t actually know with clarity what it is they really want. They have a rough idea but no specific plan or vision and instead of celebrating success when they achieve worthwhile goals, more often than not miss the target completely. Time spent on focusing on the success you really want on a personal basis as well as what you desire to achieve at work is a worthwhile investment that few people concentrate their efforts on.
  1. The Optimum Mindset / Winners Instinct is a critical attitude to adopt for personal leadership effectiveness. Act like a winner and you will inspire and influence everyone you come into contact with. The biggest difference between success and failure is that successful people are their own champions. They know where they’re going and they know what they’ve got to do to get there. Winners are focused on success, nothing gets in their way, if you fall down you just get back up again. Obstacles become challenges with victorious prizes for those who persevere.
  1. Creative Mind. When the pressure is on and you’re constantly alert, you’re operating in a state of consciousness known as Beta. This state utilises the sequential logical mind, the left brain, which controls our alertness, decisiveness, reasoning and also how we processes the myriad of information from the five senses. When you have difficulty arranging or organising the information you become confused and overwhelmed. This results in raised levels of anxiety and adrenaline, which in turn increases stress levels. To enable you to de-stress and tap into your creative mind, your right brain or Alpha consciousness, where you can problem solve, plan, prepare, and imagine outcomes you want to accomplish. You should develop the habit of taking time-out to internally focus or meditate, where you relax, deep breathe and focus on a single thought, emotion or activity. Having less stimuli to process allows us to access our creative mind and intuitive imagination.
  1. Personal effectiveness. When you are doing more of the things you’re good at, producing results and enjoying the challenge. It’s when you’re peak performing and creating your best accomplishments both at work and in your personal life. To enable you to maximise your personal effectiveness you have to be organised; you need a plan and a strategy to keep you on track to achieving your best results all day everyday. Make a list of your top five priorities you need to achieve and start you day at the top of the list. Stick with it until you complete your list. Before you go home, make tomorrows action list and free up your mind clutter so you can concentrate on being your best personal self during your quality time after work. And keep a journal to record and celebrate your successes.

Whether you’re facing meltdown or just aware that you could become more effective and productive. You’ll discover, that by focusing on The Tao, you will get more control over your life, your destiny and your life balance as you learn to combat stress at work.

Regardless of where you are in life/work right now you can always improve and get better.

It’s all part of the adventure of living your life to the full… and making the right choices.

Have fun – Laugh often – Stay positive – Take action  – Produce results

Steve Krause.