Holistic Healing Therapy

Back Guru flyer front a6Holistic Healing Therapy embraces the whole body approach to healing a particular ailment. HHT is not a replacement for traditional medicine however is often a credible alternative. HHT often brings relief when other methods have proven to be unsuccessful.

Among other things, I specialise in Eastern Holistic Healing Therapy to which I have developed a penchant for relieving debilatating aches and pain for more than 3 decades.

If you are suffering, I can show you ways to get your mobility, strength and fitness back. I can teach people like you to re-discover the terrific feeling of having vibrant health and vital energy.

My unique 5 star health and healing process has already worked wonders for thousands of people just like you. Most of my clients experience instant relief from pain after a single session. 95% of the people I treat experience 100% cure after just 5 sessions.

100In fact, I’m so confident that treatment works, that I am willing to guarantee your results. If after 5 sessions you don’t feel any improvement I will work with you completely free of charge until you do. All I ask in return is that you follow my advice!

My goal is to remove your pain and to show you how to get back to maximum health, to learn how to look after your body and pay attention to it’s healthy maintenance.

Initially, I offer a single session consultation appointment where I perform a thorough examination to offer you an assessment of your pain or injury. Depending on the outcome of examination I can administer gentle massage therapy and adjustment if necessary. Afterwards I will show you simple exercises to relieve your pain. If you require additional treatment I will clearly lay out a suggested plan of action.

My treatment normally follows this sequence.

1. Pain Relief. Often the bodies misalignment is causing stress in a nerve area which is creating pain and inflamation, swelling and discomfort. By identifying the stressed or injured area through visual and physical examinationI can often determine the severity of the issue and the recommended course of remedial action to relieve the pain. This is often done by gentle massage and adjustment which can often bring instant relief.

2. Mobility. After massage and adjustment, mobility exercises can assist pain relief and help to speed up the healing process.

3. Flexibility. As pain subsides and mobilty increases I always recommend a series of special exercises to encourage more flexion in muscle extension and less chance of recurrence of injury.

4. Strength. As the body is healing it is important to strengthen the core muscles that support the frame. This involves my 3 stage exercise programme that will ensure your body continues to stay healthy and pain free.

5. Maintenance.  My holistic approach to diet, breathing, fluid intake and exercise will help you to experience vibrant health and vital energy.

Will Holistic healing Therapy Work for me?

Debilatating aches and pains in your neck, shoulder, hips and back can can make life a misery. With my simple yet highly effective healing massage, gentle adjustment and passive stretching, you can change the way you feel about aches and pains.

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 12.27.37Neck and Shoulder Pain. Often tension can lead to severe pain in the shoulders and neck region. This can bring on headaches, stress, and trigger migraines. HHT can often bring instant relief.


Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 12.12.22Lower Back and Hip Pain. Don’t let debilatating lower back an hip pain spoil your life. Discover relief with healing massage, gentle adjustment and holistic therapy. Feel the difference after a single session and learn how to exercise your pain away. HHT can often be a permanent cure.


Sport Related Injuries. Golf, Riding, Rugby, Football, Martial Arts etc…

Many of my clients participate in sports. Whenever they experience pain they are confident I can help them to get back in the game as soon as possible.

If you have pain and would like to experience my proven healing process for yourself please get in touch. I am based in Newton Mearns Glasgow where I run my Holistic Healing Therapy Clinic or if you prefer I can make home visits.

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